Design Changes Our Lives

Design is one of the most greatest thing all around the world, or let’s say, it is more like a kind of arts. Everything in our lives is related to design, and the most closest to us can be said the mansion we are living in. There are a large variety of patterns and styles of designs in recent times. And all these are the reflection of the talent of our human beings. We are living in a designed world, right?

5Talking about the greatest design of the buildings, I think there are more than we could talk about them all. While today I would like to talk about some famous and magic architecture I have been fond of for many years, and would like to show their charm and elegance to you.

I think everyone has a dream of Paris. It is one of the most popular cities around the world. Paris is a romantic city. It is boosting its Eiffel Tower as well as the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower in Paris, while do you know something about the Notre-Dame Cathedral? So today I want to talk about something of it. The Notre-Dame Cathedral is a kind of steeple house, and it is also the cathedral of the catholic archdiocese in Paris. It was built during the year 1163 to 1250 and the architectural form was gothic style. The Notre-Dame Cathedral is a very typical masterpiece among the gothic cathedrals in the islands of France. It was decided to construct by the archbishop Maurice De Sully. It took almost 180 years to complete the whole project.

1_副本Then let’s come to a famous building in Romantic style in Pisa, Italy. I guess you all have guessed it out. Yes, it is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is said to be a miracle of the world. Many experts have conducted adequate research to all the history of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and its building materials, structure, geology, source of water and other aspects. Also, they employed a lot of advanced equipment to find out the reason of its leaning. And they emphasized that the most important thing is to figure out why the tower can lean but not fall down. What is interesting is that the famous physicist Galilei found the law of free falling body on the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

These are the two well-known buildings I love most all over the world. And both of them are miracle and fantastic. I think there are still a lot of buildings you love most, and I am looking forward to hearing from you to talk about them. Just let me know what you have in mind so that we could exchange with each other. Anyway, have a good day!

Brilliant Addition To Your Interior Walls

As we all know, walls always take up a lot of spare space in our house. So it is very necessary to apply something to decorate the walls. With the rapid development of our economy, people begin to demand more on their living conditions as well as their interior improvement. So there are tremendous designs of decorating the house in recent times, and people are more likely to work out something new and unique for their own space. Talking about the wall decoration, it will really be better to add something wonderful and interesting or something you like on the walls. It can not only show your personality, but also beautify your interior.

xcvbbNowadays, there is a large variety of wall decors in the market and maybe you have no idea what to pick up for your house. So today I would like to highly recommend a new and emerging wall decor for you. It is quite a brilliant addition to your walls and I am sure you will love it.

jkiughIt is a kind of stickers applied on the walls as well as any smooth and non-textured surfaces such as windows, furniture, sailings, wardrobes, washtub and so on. The raw material of this wall sticker is vinyl. The vinyl is a kind of chemical group and widely used in our living goods. So there is no need to worry about the safety problems. Unlike some other traditional wall decors, vinyl wall art stickers will completely be harmless to your health. So just feel free to use them in your nursery or your rooms for the elders. It is quite safe.

15Also unlike other traditional wall coverings, vinyl wall art stickers are so easy to install as they are all self-adhesive, so there is no need to employ any pasting tools such as adhesive tapes or glues. Just employ your fingers and peel off the back of the sticker and them put it up onto wherever you would like it to be. And they are also removable. After staying on the walls for years, you can easily peel them off without any damage to your walls.

Besides the advantages above, you may easily get some vinyl wall stickers through the Internet at a relatively low price. They are quite affordable, just dozens of dollars will turn your house into a beautiful, colorful and interesting space.

32The patterns and styles are quite various, including plants and flowers wall stickers, stickers for children, photo frame wall stickers and quote and saying wall stickers. I believe you will get what you want from the multitudinous wall stickers.

Seeing is believing. I really hope you are impressed by this post and pick up some stickers for your interior and experience the charm and smart of this kind of innovative, convenient and delicate wall addition.

Decorating Styles For Your New House

Nowadays, people begin to emphasize more on their interior improvement, and that is why there is a large variety of decorating styles in recent years. It is necessary to make our home beautiful, comfortable as well as warm, so choosing the most appropriate and your favorite interior decorating style is quite necessary. There are a lot of rooms to decorate among which are living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas and even washroom. So it calls for more talent and creativity to do your interior decorating designs. So today I want to talk about the decorating styles that are frequently used nowadays.

3To begin with, I would like to start with the European classical decorating style. It is a traditional style for interior decoration and in the 18th century it absorbs the art of the Grecian, the Egyptian and the Romantic during the formation of the Byzantium art to the declination of the rococo style . The former European classical decorating style combined them together to the European classical style now. The main features of this decorating style are deep colored, dignified, luxurious and calm. In addition, European classical style emphasizes much attention on the remembering of the history and the olds. It got to the peak of the perfection in the Renaissance period. You will feel honorable and elegant when living in a house in European decorating style.

16Then I want to talk something about the Japanese style. The Japanese decorating style stemmed from the type style in the early times of Japan, and is often combined with the special wooden architecture. The shaping of the space is quite simple. The layout of the furniture always centers on a tea table. Compared with the decorative features, Japanese decorating style focus more on it practicability. It is just like the characteristics of the Japanese.

17Last, but definitely not the least, let’s just come to the Mediterranean style for interior decoration. The main feature of this decorating style is the possession of some special aesthetics. Soft colors are frequently applied for the room by the designers in the Mediterranean decorating style and almost every space is made full use of. In order to bring more atmosphere of life taste and honor, designers give up the trivial things and bring more natural and liberal decors for the interior.

I think the decorating styles for the interior are various and more than we can talk about all, but what the most important thing is trying to find out the most appropriate and suitable one for your own space. House is the place we are living in with our families, so to decorate it well is quite essential and necessary.


DIY is the abbreviation of “do it yourself”. It means using your hands to do the things by yourself. DIY was originally a verbal phrase and usually used as an adjective. With the formation of the concept of DIY, some peripheral industries related to DIY has gradually prevailed. More and more people began to consider about how to bring the DIY to life. For instance, DIY computer will save a lot of cost to some extent and also make it free for the customers to choose the appropriate configurations for themselves.

wereWith the life becoming more and more rich and diversified, there has been more and more useless living goods that can not be dealt with. That makes us throw away a lot of living stuff which can also be used. It has changed our lives and turned our useless living goods to something useful without costing any money or efforts. DIY need more creativity and it enables us to use our brains and create something new and brilliant. Also, it is a kind of activity that calls for our innovation, the innovation to change the old useless thing into a useful and new one.

eeWith the rapid development of DIY, there emerges a large number of smart DIY ideas. And all these ideas reflect the great creativity of our human beings. And I would love to proudly list a few common DIY ideas for you.

First of all is the DIY candles. Unlike the traditional candles, you may use your own hands to make the candles for you according to your favorite colors, fragrance and style. These DIY candles have soon become one the most popular interior home decors in recent times.

DIY Zippo is the second example of this post. You may use your own creativity to paint the picture or images you love on the surface of the zippo and send it as a sweet gift to those who you love.

565656DIY clothes have been one of the most fashionable clothing nowadays since you may design your favorite T-shirt as you like and have your best images or even your figure in the T-shirt. DIY T-shirt is also a kind of reflection of one’s individuality.

Last but not the least, we are going to talk about a kind of DIY decors for the interior. That is DIY wall stickers. It is the most affordable and beautiful wall decors for now and the style can vary as you like. Just employ your brain to make a DIY wall sticker for your own space. It must be very meaningful and cheerful.

141414I think the most way that DIY changes our lives is that it calls for our creativity. And I also think that creativity is the main reason for a person to advance forward. So learn to DIY your things and make your lives more wonderful!

China Decoration

It is made from china stone, kaolin, quartz stone and mullite. There is an opaque glaze or colored drawing on the surface of the porcelain. It must be fired under a certain high temperature (about 1280℃-1400℃). The glazing color of the porcelain surface would make changes because of the variation of the temperature. The sintered egg-shelled china contains iron element which generally less than 3% and waterproof. It is popular in the world for its less-costs, wearable and waterproof. It really shows a precious treasure for Han civilization.

2It will send out the silvery sound when the porcelain collide with each other if the raw material of the porcelain have a high-leveled purity. The advanced porcelain has the special making process which greatly beyond the common. So, in ancient times, there are still some delicate porcelain were collected by the royal household. China is one of the luxuries. They were transfered into almost every country through all kinds of trading means for thousands of years. The delicate ancient porcelain was regarded as the valued antique. Many great works are collected by the collector.

3If you want to decorate your house with porcelain, you can use some vases. It is almost made from the porcelain, glass or crystal. It is the modern interior decoration. More and more designers apply it in the daily home decoration.
Although it is beautiful, it is fragile. We have to maintain it in order to the destruction from the exterior. The exterior elements conclude natural elements, artificial elements and unexpected elements, and so on. The natural elements are mainly the temperature, light and the dust. And you can not to put it in hot, highlighted place. Especially for the egg-shelled china. You have to rub away the dust in time if there are dust on it. The way of you treat the porcelain just like the way you treat your baby. When you are going to appreciate these porcelain, you are supposed to take off your ring from your finger because it will easily cause the damage of the porcelain. When you are holding it, you have to use your two hands but not one. When you are going to decorating, you should arrange it with some interior decoration together to stand out its features and you should deal with it according to your design style.

If you have some suggestion, you can contact me. Then, we can talk about further.

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